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FIXIO PC Cleaner 2012.1.1.176

Take out your virtual garbage

Sometimes I think that if I have to review another PC cleaning application, I'll scream. Why? The vast majority are at best average, and at worst, completely useless. So how did Fixio PC Cleaner do? View full description


  • 2 types of scan
  • Easy to use and well-explained
  • Include and exclude scan elements


  • Trial version doesn't clean at all
  • Plugin feature limited to Internet Explorer
  • Window can't be resized - that means lots of scrolling!

Very good

Sometimes I think that if I have to review another PC cleaning application, I'll scream. Why? The vast majority are at best average, and at worst, completely useless. So how did Fixio PC Cleaner do?

Much to my relief, Fixio PC Cleaner is a good app. With a simple design, well-explained options and a few nice features that make using it very easy, it is a breath of fresh air. There are two options, Quick Scan and Advanced Scan.

Fixio PC Cleaner carries out these scans quickly and soon presents you with a report of its findings. Unfortunately, the trial version doesn't let you repair any of these problems, it just lets you scan. The app also allows you to manage your installed programs and create both registry and system back-up and restore points in case you want to make any changes.

A task scheduling and auto-update feature make using Fixio PC Cleaner very simple. All of the options are well explained when you roll over, and none of the features are likely to cause you any problems. If there are any weak points to Fixio PC Cleaner, it's that I didn't notice much speeding up after using it, but you should bear in mind that my computer's pretty new and hasn't yet accumulated much garbage.

Fixio PC Cleaner is a good example of a PC cleaner suitable for general intermediate use.

PC Fix Cleaner official website: make your computer run faster and with no errors.

PC Fix Registry Cleaner prevents system slowdowns, freezing or crashing problems, Windows startup issues, obsolete application shortcuts, Missing DLL & OCX files, JavaScript, browser and ActiveX errors. Using a high performance Windows registry detection algorithm and a very simple and intuitive user interface, PC Fix analyzes your entire system's registry and repair all PC errors to restore your PC optimum performance and stability.

What does PC Fix 2012 do? Registry Scan -Search your registry for all types of errors Registry Cleanup -Compare your registry to a default factory registry by using a set library of definitions Registry Log -PC Fix utilizes an easy-to-use log that appears once your scan is complete and reports changes to your Registry Custom Scanning -Search for particular types of errors Scheduler -Scan the registry whenever you wish Backup -Create a data backup, and restore the changes made anytime

PC Fix is ideal for anybody who want to restore the optimal performance of the PC. Easy to use it will save you time and effort, in just one click you can fix all errors and speed up your PC's performance!

FIXIO PC Cleaner


FIXIO PC Cleaner 2012.1.1.176

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    by Fixiomiseryofnet

    "OMG. It's the best. N O T."

    Fortunately, never got to buy it: Too many bad reviews. Seems CCleaner<... More.

    reviewed on May 9, 2012

  • russvmi

    by russvmi


    you guys are the lowest---not only does the program not work my credit card was charged twice--once for $29.95 & onc... More.

    reviewed on August 10, 2011

  • alkhall

    by alkhall

    "Not even worth downloading."

    IT does even show you what 'problems' it 'finds'. Possibly because the 'problems' do not really exist? Even scamwa... More.

    reviewed on August 1, 2011

  • rubbishPCcleaner

    by rubbishPCcleaner

    "destroyed PC after download and use it destroyed my PC"

    I downloaded the FIXIO program it totally destroyed my PC , it corrupted and crashed my entire PC and all the software o... More.

    reviewed on July 26, 2011

  • "Bate & switch"

    I want a refund! You guys slammed my credit card! Upon relaizing you bated me and then switched the product, I bailed an... More.

    reviewed on June 22, 2011

  • CustomerFeedback

    by CustomerFeedback


    Hello SoftsonicSux, We are posting here in order to assist you in resolving any issues. As we pride ourselves on giving... More.

    reviewed on May 31, 2011